Can You Change the Name on Plane Ticket American Airlines?

Airlines are known for being both flexible as well as strict when it comes to regulations on bringing certain items. Having concerns on is American airlines strict with carry on or perhaps the way they handle passenger requests such as a change of details in the plane tickets are quite noticeable issues that flight takers ask every now and then.

I’ve already talked about the carry-on matter. But there’s this one question that got requested by a reader that seemed important to discuss. Can you change the name on a plane ticket American Airlines in case of emergency, and what are the related rulings? Well, you’ll know.

Can You Change the Name on Plane Ticket for American Airlines?

Tricky rules such as united airlines no carry on one is quite common and it might seem to give you an impression that things are going to be challenging with no matter which airlines. And that list would now have another specific one, name changing policy of American Airlines. Yes! It’s not very easy.

Anyone cannot simply make a name change request on a flight ticket. This is also true for a non-refundable ticket. However, this pandemic made it easier for people who booked through a travel agency and other genuine sources, to have complete rights of name change request for passengers.

For minor and major changes on tickets that are unused, it’s possible. You will need the Global Entry, SENTRI OR NEXUS Card for this.

Can You Change the Name on Plane Ticket American Airlines?

The Process of Name Change for American Airlines.

You can directly make a call to customer support and tell them about the name change matter. They should tell you about the procedure and if there are any formalities from your side that needs to be done.

It’s quite common to hurryingly book a reservation with the wrong credential due to marriage. So, the airlines do take it into account and allow correction. Depending on your cause, the policy to change your name can be slightly different.

In case of limited changes, the procedure should not be hard. The carrier that’s issuing tickets being same one for traveling would make the process even simpler.

Anyone having an American Airlines ticket to American Airlines would face no problem with a name change request. However, if you are traveling with a member then changing your identity will be not possible.

Does American Airlines Charge for Name Change?

There are several cases of passengers carrying extra alcohol in luggage on airlines and facing charges for it. The fines and additional charges are something you might want to completely avoid but at the airport it becomes unignorable.

Now in case of a name change, a corporate customer can do so without any additional cost. This is due to the COVID-19 situation for Business accounts, Business Extra accounts, and corporate ones. Applicable tickets won’t need any cost to get name changes on them.

However, this complementary behavior isn’t the norm. In fact, usually, the airlines would charge even a hundred dollars for fixing a small typo. While we are talking about a name change.

Also, the bad news with the perk is that it’s only for a narrow group of customer. It’s not something applicable for all tickets. So yes, most probably, you will have to spend some money to get the name changed if not a part of the valued groups.

Wrapping Up

So, can you change the name on a plane ticket American Airlines? Now you know whether or not it’s possible for your case. In any situation, it’s best to have a direct conversation with the customer care service and tell them your reasons. You never know, they might be able to help you under some regulations and things can get better. Best Of Luck on That!

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