How To Organize 14 Divider Golf Bag (Complete Guide)

We all are pretty much aware of how expensive are pro golfers clubs. And so, to maintain and store them well, investing in a nice, premium quality golf bag would come next for a lot of us. Some of us chose the 14 divider bags.

Now it might not be a very severe or complicated matter. But somewhat important to me. I’m talking about learning how to organize 14 divider golf bag. Yes, I know, to some of you this might just be as simple as putting clothes inside your drawer and not something as significant as matters such as liability of golf ball damage or so on.  

But I feel like, the organization is not something less serious, as it determines whether your clubs will be well fitted inside the bag, if accessing them would be hassle-free and also regarding the overall clean clutter-free look that is a statement for golfer impression.

Exactly How To Organize 14 Divider Golf Bag?

You can literally do it in any way you want. Because it’s your golf bag and the organization shall come from your convenience. But in case you want some tips:

  • The shorter clubs shall go into the divisions that are shorter.
  • Similarly, long ones would fit well in longer ones.
  • There should be a putter sleeve for the putter too.

Things are already pretty laid out in golf bags, and there’s nothing right or wrong regarding it, that’s what I initially feel.

But is there a more effective way to keep the organization going tip-top for the longest time possible? Then, a few tricks might feel a tad bit interesting to you. Basically, what the next few paras will be about!

Exactly How To Organize 14 Divider Golf Bag?

Sorting Out the Organization Plan In Your Mind – That’s How You Start. 

As soon as you start wondering how to organize a 14 slot golf bag, sit down for a while and sort the plans inside your head first. There are a few things pre-decided.

For example, you should have 14 clubs at max for making space for them in the golf bag with that many dividers.

That was easy! After this, you think a bit deeper. About the clubs you use the least, where do they go. Also, if the odd number irons would need spaces close to each other. The same goes for even-numbered ones. All would come down to how many clubs you use. Having a cluttered bag is also a big no, you should keep that goal in mind as well.

Here’re The Goals I Would Suggest You To Have.

  • Your bag’s back segment can carry all the least used clubs. The same goes for lob and gap wedges and even hybrid.
  • Next place the driver as well as wood in middle holes.
  • Placing the odd number irons on the left while even-numbered ones on the right side.
  • 5-9-7 sand wedge can go on left too.
  • Have the 4-6- pitching wedge on right.

Follow These Steps to Organize 14 Divider Golf Bag. 

  • Get all the clubs out from your bag first. You want to keep them in a line close to the place where you’ll organize the bag. Of course, it should maintain a descending or ascending order.
  • You want to complete the organizing in a completely new way. So those tools or kit that might be inside your bag also needs to come out.
  • Now go ahead and place the wood right on top of the bag. So that when you are playing golf, it can easily be accessed.
  • Next, you want to settle those short irons. You can simply place irons in the pocket in a 6,7,8,9 manner.
  • The pockets or slots that you have in the bag shall hold the long irons. As those are going to be quite easy for adjusting in the pocket.
  • After you are done sorting with the irons, pay attention to the putter as well as wedges. They should go well inside slot or bottom side pockets. Usually, this way, accessing becomes simpler.
  • Next, you want to confirm all clubs are inside the bag. Then comes accessories. For example, towels, gloves, balls, rangefinders, and so on. Once you sort that, congrats the organization is pretty much done.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you arrange golf clubs in a cart bag?

Use the type and number factor of clubs to decide the placement or arrangement inside a cart bag. These types of bags have four sections most of the time. And having the club heads facing outwards as you look at the bag, should help with easy access. 

What clubs should everyone have in their bag?

Exactly how many clubs in a golf bag would a golfer carry, that’s hard to predict in most cases. Both amateur and intermediate level golfers usually have 12 clubs as a standard number to carry in their bags. These include a putter, a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-wood, and 3-iron through 9-iron.

Where does the putter go in golf bag?

The straps stay near to the very backside of your bag. And on the other hand, front part is furthest from it. That’s why having the putter along to the straps on backside works best. You may have one of those golf bags that come with sleeves separately meant for putter placement. In that case, you know the drill.

Wrap Up

And that was how to organize 14 divider golf bag neatly for maximum utilization as well as easy access. There’s no doubt that a nicely organized bag will give an impression of professionalism as well as someone who is a well-balanced golfer.

Your interest in this matter is indeed praiseworthy. Apart from the good impression, it’s also time-saving. Nobody wants to spend in distress rambling inside their cluttered golf bag for accessing a certain type of club. So yes, it’s a win-win situation from learning proper golf bag organization by all means.

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