Exactly What Happens If You Get Caught with Edibles?

Someone asking me, can you bring candy on a plane, won’t ever furrow my eyes in confusion or doubt. But that’s not true when there’s a conversation about stuff that is controversial. Such as edibles.

Because we all know what truly is inside those edibles most of the time. And how it’s just a sneaky way of carrying things that are not permissible in tight spots such as a flight. To make this a tad bit more serious to you, I want to talk about what happens if you get caught with edibles on the flight. And maybe that would give you a clear perception of why or not this should be your concern.

The Big Answer – What Happens If You Get Caught with Edibles?

It’s something that could or not cause you trouble, based on the state or local jurisdictions. However, for most parts, it’s best to not be sneaky and avoid carrying these. Because usually what happens next can be less to more complicated depending on location.

Let’s take the example of the law in Massachusetts. If you are badly curious on where are edibles legal, well partially, this could be a potential answer. Because a person can bring one ounce of cannabis at a time according to it. However, using would be completely illegal. And this includes smoking, edibles as well as vaping.

To give you a bit deeper insight, in the Boston Logan International Airport, if you are found with edibles in security check, the matter would shift to Massachusetts State Police.

While if we talk about Los Angeles International Airport, having equal or less than 2.5 grams won’t cause an arrest by the Airport Police Division. That’s the legal amount basically. But anything more can get you in trouble.

You may even find some amnesty boxes to dispose of any cannabis items and avoid penalties. For example, the McCarran International Airport.

Airports that strictly do not allow any cannabis near their property are also quite a lot. For instance, Denver International Airport. Or else you would need to go through an interview by the police officer at Denver. The law regarding Cannabis is even serious in other countries than America and might consequence in severe ramifications where it’s illegal.

Exactly What Happens If You Get Caught with Edibles

Can You Go to Jail for Edibles Carrying?

Questions such as can you bring cigars on a plane or alcohol or even in this matter of edibles with problematic contents in it, these are simply to avoid the following punishments provided by the authorities. But how severe can they be? One thing that would be the last you’d want to face is going to jail. Should you be concerned?

If we have a look at the rule of California, then anyone who is 21 or more would be able to bring dry marijuana that cannot exceed the allowed amount of 1 ounce. In the same manner, concentrated cannabis can’t exceed certain grams. Now for edibles that contain marijuana would have to fall under the law associated with it.

If you fail to meet the law, the consequence would be 6 months of jail in the country. Or pay 500 dollars of fine. But the point is, possibility of going to jail exists.

If you carry many edibles that contain greater marijuana contain and together sums up to be quite a huge amount, then the authority would assume you to have selling intention.

As a result, you would face the same six-month jail. And with that, you may also face other terrible punishments for the felony. For instance, you might be jailed and also need to give a fine together.

So, Should You Consider Bringing Edibles on Plane?

At this point, can you bring edibles on a plane should be a matter already solved in your mind, right? Legally, no you cannot bring edibles with cannabis products in more than 0.3 percent THC. As it would go completely against the federal law. And yes, there’s a good chance of getting in trouble.

However, you can still check the laws regarding such possibility in your departure and arrival spots. These rules change very often and so, you might have something new to know about when reading the part. So, check and see if things sound a bit better.

Wrapping Up

You know a bit about what happens if you get caught with edibles. Not being aware of can you get in trouble for edibles that include questionable substance could result into a serious consequence. But gladly, you took the initiative of finding more deeply on it. Kudos to You!

After finding the issues and understanding the risks, I hope you are prioritizing not bringing any such problematic items with you. Having a safe and sober trip is necessary, you should consider that more than anything else.

But if you must bring cannabis along, then edibles are often the safe way according to few. In that case, consider having inconspicuous containers to pack the edibles. It won’t vanish all the risks, but surely minimize things for the better. Also, understand the severity of possibilities that could take place according to the local laws.

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