Can You Bring Toothpaste on a Plane Carry-on or Checked Bag?

Not sure if you can bring toothpaste on a plane? Well, that’s a very common question from people who are having their first-time flight and even those who had taken short flights but are still not completely aware of all possible regulations.

When packing for a flight having confusion on tiny matters is a very regular thing to happen especially for those who have less experience. Packing toothpaste can make you wonder about the issues after figuring out liquid-related restrictions that exist. And at the same time, you might just not want to totally skip it because of how less hygienic that would be for oral health.

So, it’s important to find out the possibilities of bringing a tube of toothpaste in the plane plus matters that relate to carrying it. Let’s have a chat on that today…

So, Is It Okay to Bring Toothpaste on a Plane?

Based on the regulation of TSA, there’s no problem with carrying toothpaste with you on airplanes. However, the restriction comes to the fact of its quantity. Toothpaste is not a liquid entirely, it’s a gel formula typically. But the restriction of airlines can be applicable to both liquids and gels. So, when you pack them inside your handbag, the quantity needs to be according to regulation set by airlines.

Usually, it’s alright to bring a small container of toothpaste. Also, there are no issues with bringing original packaging. You can carry toothpaste in a different container that is tiny. The brand or type of toothpaste is also not a factor to create a problem.

Is It Okay to Bring Toothpaste on a Plane?

If Packing Toothpaste Inside Carry-on.

You are planning to pack the toothpaste inside your carry-on. In that case, make sure you are ready to get it through the TSA security checkpoint. Now as we already know by now, the definition of a liquid is quite extensive to TSA.

And so, anything that involves mashing, slurping, scooping, squeezing, or pouring will be a liquid to the security. That means the toothpaste is a liquid and needs to follow the ruling to its limitation.

In the USA, you have to use a separate container that is not more than 3.4oz to carry toothpaste. And that’s the only way to pack it inside hand luggage. Also, countries that go with a metric system for measurement tend to follow the same rule. In short, you should confirm the tube of toothpaste is not exceeding 100ml in quantity.

Local stores have sample 1 oz toothpaste to buy. However, this may not be very convenient when traveling with a huge family. Also, when you are planning to travel often even alone. That’s when choosing a toothpaste that offers a bunch of 1 oz packs set works best.

There are many such options for example Colgate. With one ounce of toothpaste, it’s should be enough for three brushing sessions. A tube with 100 ml of toothpaste will be enough for 9 to 10 brushings. The small tubes of 1 oz are also likely to last you at least two weeks. So, there should be no issue with having a tiny tube for a flight.

When packing the toothpaste tube, make sure you are using quart-sized zip lock bags. These need to be transparent as well. Usually, a passenger cannot carry more than a one-quart-sized bag that holds all toiletries. That’s the 3-1-1 rule. This refers to 3 ounces of the product by 1 passenger inside 1 quart-sized bag.

After putting the toothpaste inside transparent bag, place it somewhere easy to access. Because during the checking through X-ray machine, you’ll have to remove this bag and put it inside a separate bin.

If Packing Toothpaste Inside Checked Baggage.

In the case of a checked bag, there’s actually no problem with what size of toothpaste you carry. It’s permissible according to the TSA regulations. So, for longer periods of trips, it’s best to pack a bigger size toothpaste tube inside your checked bag instead of multiple small sachets.

Also, if you are packing the toothpaste inside a checked bag, there’s no need to use a quart-sized transparent bag. However, if you feel there’s a chance of the tube burst opening and creating a mess inside your luggage, then go ahead with extra sealing.

In case you’re wondering, there should also be no issue packing your kid’s favorite electric toothbrush, whether in the carry-on or in the checked bags. To be safe, check the special instructions from the TSA.

What About Prescription Toothpastes?

Now there can be a situation where you need to carry more than just 3.4 ounces of toothpaste as it’s prescribed by doctor for medication. And you need it as you’re going through some teeth-related issue. For example, a severe dry mouth. Doctors often prescribe toothpaste in such cases.

And if you are in a similar scene, then maybe try to stick with the multiple small size tip I already told you about. But if you are desperate to carry more and need to bring a huge tube, then it’s best to also have a letter from your dentist. It will play role of supporting documentation to show the agent and they should allow you on basis of medical necessity.

Wrap Up

Now you know about rules on bringing toothpaste on a plane. The rules by TSA are pretty straightforward and easy. However, it’s also likely for a first-time flight taker to find it confusing due to the gel texture of toothpaste. Finding the proper regulations and going through discussion on this specific matter really helps in such a scenario. Hopefully, today’s guide was able to help you. Have a Safe Journey!

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