How Strict is Qatar Airways on Baggage? (Carry-On & Checked)

Are you flying via Qatar Airways and packing your personal belongings for the trip? I suggest you read this post a couple of times (or more) to ensure you know your baggage allowance for your carry on luggage and checked baggage right at this time.

Is it a big deal?

Well, to be honest, the answer is yes. Your baggage allowance and other related factors concerning your flight are all must-know. To know how strict is Qatar airways on baggage, plus maybe a few helpful hacks on avoiding, or at least saving some possible cost, are what we are planning to talk about today. So, Keep on Reading…

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Baggage Limitations

Let’s tackle this, first and foremost…

For flyers, Qatar Airways is a very well-known and often used option to travel in an extensive route network. Usually, it’s the trip to Asia, Africa, or maybe beyond those. Now depending on the routes, baggage allowance can vary. By the term allowance, I mean weight, size, and fees for baggage. It can be either hand or checked luggage.

Let’s find out about the packing limits and also some stuff about avoiding excess baggage fees.

Hand Baggage Allowance

The carry-on bag maximum dimension is 50cmx37xmx25cm. In case of weight allowance, you can carry around 7 kg for an economy fare. You can take one carry-on, one personal item bag, or one lady’s handbag – to be more specific . First class and business class passengers can take no more than 15 kg of total weight.

Here the allowance is 2 bags. Now, if you are checking in with a size bag that is over the limit, they’ll charge you around 70USD for each extra item. This can vary based on the route you’re traveling in.

Checked Luggage Allowance

Now, if you are traveling to or from Brazil, the hold baggage size needs to be 158 cm. This total includes the sum of the length, width, and height of baggage. The same goes for traveling from or to Argentina, Canada, and the US. For any other destinations, this can be a maximum of 300 cm.

The weight allowance of checked luggage for traveling to or from the US, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina is 23 kg for each bag. For flights from Africa, Casablanca, and Doha, the maximum weight here is 45 kg. And for all other destinations, the maximum weight can be 30 kg.

In terms of hold bags number allowance, you can carry up to 2 checked luggage each person without cost when traveling to or from Argentina, Canada, the US, and Brazil. For any other destination, there’s no limit to this.

And finally, you don’t need to pay any fee for the required allowance of checked luggage. But for any extra bags, you need to pay $25 to $55 dollars for each kg if you pay online. They can charge you $30 to $70 at the airport for the same one kg extra.

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Musical or Sporting Equipment

In the case of bringing sports or musical gear, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First of all, Qatar Airlines have no problem if you travel with fishing gear, tennis rackets, or even golf clubs. Just make sure the thing is fitting within the size and weight restrictions.

For heavy and/or odd-sized items, for example, maybe a bicycle, you need to bring a closed box or bag for packing them. This type of item will go in the aircraft hold section. And to state the obvious, you have to pay extra. Check out their website to find out more about this.

Now for small musical instruments as cabin baggage, no extra weight fees are charged. For bigger musical instruments such as a trombone, accordion, or guitar, you will need to book a separate seat of its own.

Also, if what you’re carrying is too fragile for keeping inside overhead lockers, you also need to get an extra seat. The same goes for instruments that are not fitting inside your hand luggage allowance.

Tips & Tricks on Traveling Smart

Now is it possible to beat these extra charges for baggage? Well, you can follow these quick fixes below and avoid the excess baggage fees.

Get some smart packing accessories. With so many luggage accessories available on the market nowadays, efficient and organized packing is easier and more convenient.

For example, packing cubes that come with smart tiny compartments. You can bring passport wallets, jewelry holding cases, and many other things to help organize and fit things better.

Quick fact: An infant’s carrying basket is allowed with no extra cost, provided you’re flying with the infant, of course.

Unfortunately, with Qatar Airways, you cannot carry your laptop bag and laptop as personal items. Simply put them inside the cabin bag.

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Avoid packing small or unnecessary things that can cause your luggage to weigh more than the 23 kg limit. For example, some wooden bookends you’re carrying for gifting. Simply put them in an extra bag. Or maybe you can ask your friend accompanying you to carry them. Share the weight, and you can sidestep those extra cost hassle.

Pack clothes around the top of your bag so you can easily take them out if you go beyond the weight limits. You can either wear them, put them in your handbag, or put them inside your plastic bag of duty-free items purchased at the airport.

You can add coats to what you’re wearing, an umbrella on your wrist, shawls, hankies, and fashion accessories, some limited reading material, and avoid any extra charge. If it is on your hand or simply around your waist, there’s still no charge required for those items.

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Wrap Up

And that was all about how strict is Qatar airways on baggage. Learning what to do in times like these can help you sidestep and workaround that sudden shock of the additional costs.

And this isn’t applicable only to Qatar Airways. You need to find out how strict American Airlines is with carry on baggage and size, too, in case you’re traveling with them or any other airlines you choose to travel with.

The main point is, why would you pay extra when you can handle those additional items by packing smartly? More importantly, enjoy the trip and have a Safe Journey!

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