How to Get to San Miguel De Allende Through the Right Route?

If you are a retired person, a passionate artist, or simply a tourist, then it’s no wonder that San Miguel De Allende has caught your attention. This one is a pretty popular destination among such folks. The colonial, baroque, and neoclassical architecture mixture is what makes it a very eye-catching sight for those who love beautiful places.

It a fantastic selection for trips for people who want to go far away from all the chaos. Being around 170 miles far from Mexico City, this place holds a pretty fascinating history to know about. Today, I’ll be breaking down how to get to San Miguel de Allende with the common routes available.

How to Get to San Miguel De Allende Using the Best Route.

Typically, you can find three main options to arrive at San Miguel De Allende. Let’s talk about all of the routes and some other matters that can help you with this journey.

How to Get to San Miguel De Allende Using the Best Route

For the Flight & Bus Route.

Now, this could be my least favorite route but, in some cases, you may have to opt for it. First book a flight for Queretaro. Then you need to take a bus from here. There’s a good chance of spending a pretty lot of your time within the Mexico City airport traffic.

Arriving early is that’s why very necessary to take the flight. After that, you will take the bus also at a very inconvenient time probably. And that’s why the whole experience can be a bit of a hassle to handle. So, it’s not a very preferable route, but let me tell you about it anyway.

Taking a Bus.

The second option for you is taking a bus. Since there’s no train facility in Mexico for most parts. The plans of building trains are however been in talk. But currently, the bus route is what works for traveling to San Miguel de Allende.

The Drive Route.

And for the final route, which is also the best one overall if you wish to enjoy this journey, is driving to San Miguel de Allende. You can simply drive in Mexico. However, it may not be the easiest thing to do as there are certain things you’ll need to know about.

Hiring a car from a reputable provider can be a good decision here as there would be less problem with insurance policies. There are lots of international companies that let you hire cars for such journeys and you can find many recommendations online.

Chose a Time Slot Free from Traffic.

Another thing you want to be concerned about is not choosing weekends for driving to San Miguel de Allende. Because as I already told you, the traffic in Mexico City is very crazy. And that’s exactly when locals tend to go for their vacations, holidays or simply to visit relatives.

During the weekdays, you should also be avoiding a few time periods to not falling into horrible traffic issues. The first rush hour that comes to my mind is when everybody leaves for work. It’s usually between 7 to 9 in the morning.

There’s also a rush hour during the afternoon that usually moms tend to occupy for picking up their kids. Somewhere between 12 to 2 pm falls into that category. And this means your ideal time could be between 9 am to 12 pm for leaving Mexico City so that there’s no chance of sitting idly in the traffic.

Do not Forget a Navigation App.

You should think about getting a navigation app that will provide information on crashes, congestions, traffic, and similar things. Google Maps is the best one out there for you to trust. There’s good route guidance with it for you to use. There should be fewer problems with navigation whatsoever with it.

The only issue can be seen doing the second level of Pereferico cross-city highway arrival as it does not seem to know much. To be able to enter the area, you’ll need pre-charged money in a transponder. Since everything is pretty automatic and there are no tolls.

If you’re driving in a car from the rental company, they’ll provide it hopefully. Simply make sure you let them know in advance just in case.

Other Things To Know for Rest of The Journey.

Typically, you can expect the whole journey to lead for at least three and a half hours. Now from where you are starting the drive will impact this time period. However, for the most common case where you need to cross entire city, leave Mexico and then arrive at san Miguel de Allende, that’s how much usually it takes.

After exiting Mexico City, things become pretty straightforward. There should be a highway that leads toward san Miguel de Allende. It’s, of course, a paid one and you need some cash along with to pay here.

You can stop on the way to having your lunch or to simply snack. There is traditional Mexican food serving places that you must check out to make the whole trip even more memorable.

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The whole matter of how to get to san Miguel de Allende will vary. However, usually choosing to drive here can give your whole journey additional moments to remember. Even if it is time consuming, the whole trip feels fantastic once you get to see the view through way as well as delicious cuisines for tasting at many famous stops.

Just make sure you are well aware of the climate and road conditions. You don’t want to fall into a critical weather situation where driving becomes a hassle rather than being fun. Good Luck on Your Trip!

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