Is Deodorant Considered a Liquid by Airlines– Find Out More!

Deodorant is a pretty essential personal item for so many of us. And maybe having one inside the plane to use it in need made you look for this matter.

Can you bring deodorant on a plane? And if yes, then are there any other regulations to mind with carrying it. As there’s a good chance the deodorant is considered a liquid. So maybe the 3-1-1 rule would be a thing you’ll have to take into attention. Let’s try to explore the matters one by one. Keep On Reading…

About Deodorant Being Considered a Liquid by Airlines.

At the present moment, there are various types of deodorant as well as multiple packaging schemes depending on formula. So, you cannot categorize all deodorants as solid or liquid stuff. The thing you can do is finding out what form of deodorant you’re planning to bring.

With the solid stick, powder, or crystal-style formula, there’s nothing you need to worry about. All flight providers agree that these deodorants are not liquid and won’t face any difficulty if you bring them inside the carry-on luggage.

However, with the spray formula deodorant, things are different. Because here the deodorant coming inside a spray bottle is clearly liquid. And in such cases, the airline will definitely pay attention to quantity of packaging you are trying to bring along. This is also a rule you should follow for carry-on luggage. With the hold baggage, there are different sets of rules.

There are also roll-on type deodorants. These usually feel very wet on your skin and then get dry after a while. This type can be in gel or liquid formula. Now with such packaging, it’s not visible that there’s liquid inside. And so, you may think TSA agents won’t notice and let you pass.

However, there’s still a chance of it not being permissible and agents declining to allow it. Anything that comes in liquid or gel formula is going to be subject to the liquid rules most probably. Also, gel formula can expand when at high altitude. So, it’s another thing to worry about as this can lead to leaking issues later on.

About Deodorant Being Considered a Liquid by Airlines

The Size & Packing Rule to Follow.

The liquid rules that come into application with any deodorant that could be a liquid are basically ensuring size of packaging isn’t beyond 3.4 ounces or 100 ml.

There are stick deodorants that come in tall packaging. These are not liquid to the airlines. So, there are not many sizes or packing restrictions you have to follow with bringing these.

If the deodorant you are bringing comes in aerosol cans that’s pretty huge, it won’t be permissible inside carry-on luggage. Even if you consider the substance to be gas inside, actually its liquid.

After spraying if it leaves a wet feel and then dries in the air quickly, there’s definitely liquid inside that comes out in a fine mist. With these types also, you must not cross the 3.4 ounces quantity limitation.

However, if the bottle contains more than that, you can pack it inside your checked-in luggage. Every passenger can bring aerosol deodorant that is not more than 500ml inside checked-in baggage. And the total quantity of all aerosols must not exceed 2 liters. This is a rule for every passenger, not per bag.

Now to pack the aerosol-style deodorants, you must pay attention to its release valves. There should be a proper cap or lid that protects the tip that releases product inside. Both for the carry-on and hold luggage, it’s an important packing concern you should think about.

When bringing the liquid deodorant of any packaging inside plane, make sure you put them in a clear bag. The bag should have quart size. And also, all the things inside must be easy to access if a security officer asks for a check.

If you are carrying gel formulas, make sure the opening has proper sealing. As if it starts leaking, the other items inside your bag will face their worst nightmare. And you will have to clear the mess with a heavy heart after arrival at your destination.

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Wrap up

So now you know if your deodorant will be considered as a liquid to the airlines or not. If it does fall into the category of liquid items, pack with associating rules to avoid problems during your flight.

Also, try to not bring deodorants that have a very strong smell. Imagine your fellow passenger having an allergy condition and the deodorant triggering that person. It won’t be a very pleasing scenario. Even if you have to bring such strong scent deodorant or perfumes, plan not to use them inside the plane. Happy Travelling!

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