Figure Out How Much Luggage Can You Take on a Plane

Airlines are never going to throw the same rules of baggage allowance and it’s no secret. There can be a number of factors that decides the allowance factor for varying airlines. But in most desperate need, you can work with some general rulings on allowance when packing stuff.

Today let’s surf through the matter of how much luggage can you take on a plane and when it starts to get extra. I’ll also bring out some tips on how you can stop paying the extra fees and travel within your budget decision. Keep on Reading…

How Much Luggage Can You Take on a Plane Depending on The Baggage Type.

Avoiding those charge hiccups is no joke, to be honest. But if you play things sensibly it’s still possible. For the vast majority of airlines, below will be given most general figure or at least an idea of how much you actually should consider bringing as baggage.

How Much Luggage Can You Take on a Plane Depending on The Baggage Type.

The Luggage Allowance for Carry-on.

The scenario with carry-on luggage looks pretty similar to most renowned airlines out there. You are usually allowed to bring a tiny purse or even a laptop bag. In short, the passenger can choose one personal item. Also, there’s a chance for bringing a tiny suitcase for free as carry-on luggage.

Now the exact allowance size and weight will always vary depending on which airline you chose to travel with. However, the most common figure is around 40 pounds. In terms of measurements, you should not go beyond 45 linear inches.

Make sure to check airline’s main website for the most recent and accurate figure on this matter. If you included anything extra than it’s allowed, you’ll pay the unexpected fees.

Allowance with Checked Bags.

In terms of checked baggage, usually, airlines will allow one or sometimes two of them. This is the general number for each passenger traveling. The exact number of baggage you are allowed to take will however depend on a few matters. For example, the origin and destination of a trip.

Suppose you are traveling with American Airlines for Japan. Then you are allowed to take two checked baggage with you, each can be no more than 50 pounds. But if your origin or destination is Mexico, then you can have only one bag that can weight no more than 50 pounds as maximum.

The exact figure here can be determined by contacting directly the airlines that you will be traveling in. Or simply check their main website so that the latest information is on your hand.

Allowance with Extra Checked Bags.

Now if you must bring some extra bags, then there are airlines that approve that additional luggage for a specific fee. For example, you can bring two checked bags for free when traveling with Delta.

But for the third one, you need to pay 125 dollars. If you bring four to ten bags, then anything more than three will be charged 200 dollars each. Each of these extra checked bags cannot be more than 50 pounds.

However, there are some facilities for special groups and active-duty military people. They may get to enjoy exceptions or waive baggage restrictions, but this depends on the airline. You should contact the airline for finding total checked baggage costing before checking in.

Allowance with Over Weighted & Over-Sized Bags.

If you have bags that are over in size or weight or the shape is a bit unusual, then you need to find out about the airline’s specific policy on carrying such items for international flights. Some airlines will have a standard and separate luggage size dimension plus weight depending on ticket type.

For example, you can bring around 70 pounds per checked bag when traveling as United Business First passenger. The standard allowance is 50 pounds. The absolute limit with United is 100 pounds for each checked bag. You cannot bring more even with spending money.

Special Items Allowance.

Sometimes carrying large items become necessary. In such cases, what are the rulings for such special items? Here’s the whole thing.

If you need to bring sports equipment, first check with the airlines about how they charge. Is that based on object or bag? With the latter option available, you’ll be able to carry more items and this will save some money.

Also, if possible, you can disassemble those large items and make them look like your regular luggage. Maybe with a surfboard, it is not possible. But if it’s a bicycle, then go ahead and break down it into wheels and frames to easily fit inside a regular suitcase. You will save yourself from that extra special item charge.

Some people need medical equipment at all times. Especially those who would require wheelchairs. You want to first check with the hotel that you’ll be checking in about if they have lifts or not. If they do you can skip bringing your own lift then.

Then if you need a shower chair, go for the ones that are collapsible. These may not be perfect for regular use. But on the trip, there’s nothing better than such portable shower chairs. You can easily fit them side suitcase by folding and there will be no special item fees to pay.

Usually, airlines allow taking stow wheelchairs and scooters without any charge. However, you still need to reach out and know exactly. If you are bringing the electrical wheelchair, then this is a battery item that will need special storage on flight. And so, notifying the airlines is a must.

Airlines also allow bringing children items such as car seats and strollers. However, there are a handful of airlines that may have some restrictions. Calling and asking is the best way to confirm. In such a case, you can check the stroller at gate. With car seats, these need to be FAA-approved and are usually allowed on board.

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Now you know pretty much the whole thing about how much luggage can you take on a plane. Those complicated airline baggage fees are actually easy to avoid with some careful preparation.

You always want to think ahead of time and figure out all the obstacles, especially when traveling with a kid or pet. As you are already going to be busy pampering and nurturing them. Paying fees while your pet is in an anxiety mode will make you frustrated like never before. You want to sort problems as beforehand as possible. Good Luck & Have a Safe Trip!

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